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Description. Crane operators use different types of cranes for lifting and moving objects.

Tasks. The tasks of a crane operator:
- Check the crane is set up correctly and is secure
- Check the load to be lifted
- Check the crane's functions including the water and air
- Move the load and place it in the required position
- Follow directions from the 'rigger'
- May drive a mobile crane to and from work sites
- Identify and control any hazards
- Safety check of the crane
- May direct the 'rigger'

A 'rigger' directs the crane operator from the ground.

Personal skills. Crane operators should be able to communicate well with the client, other staff and anybody involved with the lifting process, in order to understand what is required when moving loads from one place to another. They should be able to follow instructions from clients, and must be able to give and interpret hand signals and radio communications correctly when operating a crane. They should be skilled at observing details on the ground.

Knowledge. Crane operators must know the meaning of different hand signals being given from the ground. They must know about the safety regulations that govern crane operation (such as environment, health and safety legislation, road regulations and vehicle weight permitts), the weight limits for various cranes and how to maintain the cranes they use. They should also have some knowledge of construction methods and materials.

Personal qualities. Crane operators must be careful and attentive at all times so they can follow directions closely. They may be up in cranes for long periods of time and they need to be cautious about heights. They should be able to work well in construction teams and should be responsible at all times when operating a crane. They should also be versatile and have a co-operative attitude, as they may be asked to do other jobs on site when they are not operating cranes.

Physical qualities. Crane operators need to have good hand-eye co-ordination and should be reasonably fit and healthy. They need good eyesight and practical ability.


Our requirements
- Proof of ability mobile cranes, valid in the Netherlands and/or
- Proof of ability tower cranes, valid in the Netherlands
- Driving license for passenger car, eventual for truck
- Safety Checklist for Contractors certification (VCA1 for the Netherlands)
- Working independently
- Willingness to work with flexible working-hours
- Willingness to work in a foreign country
- Knowledge of the Dutch language

Candidates who are not in the possession of proof of ability and 'Safety Checklist for Contractors' (VCA1 for the Netherlands) will be considered for a training. All of the trainings and courses will be coordinated by RIVAG.


On short term, we are looking for;
- Crane operators
- Tower crane operators
- Crawler crane operators
- Mobile crane operators

In the following regions;
- Utrecht
- Amsterdam-Rotterdam
- South East of the Netherlands
- Belgium

If you are interested to work for RIVAG Hijskranenservice Eersel B.V., please fill in our application form. |

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