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RIVAG Hijskranenservice Eersel B.V. is a company that mediates between skilled crane operators and companies who are looking for specialists. Years of experience guarantee service on a high level.

In the past, RIVAG has succesfully installed 15 windmills on the isle of Nan'ao, China. During this assignment which lasted 10 weeks, a 200 ton Demag was used.

The knowledge in the company divers from mobile cranes (20 - 200 tons), crawlers ,and towercranes. RIVAG pays a lot of attention to communication and safety. We find it of high importance that our employees not only carry out the work but also think with our customers.

RIVAG Hijskranenservice Eersel B.V.
Control of;
- Mobile cranes
- Mobile crawlers
- Towercranes
- etc.

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